Some Final Words…

Prof. Hanwoo Park

Dear WATEF Members,

I do not want to start this speech with a clichรฉ, to look back on the past years and thank those who helped, but I will live my life cherishing the memories of all of you who have been with me and the association during the past 10 years. Thank you always.

As the small group that started in a small corner of Korea grew into a full-fledged association, the slogan we chanted was: Globally Excellent, Locally Friendly. As the international event DISC expanded to Seoul and overseas, and interdisciplinary seminars continued, our voices spread like echoes.

The WATEF vision and ambitions will not end here today. I hope you will actively participate in the great history that the new president and executive will write in the future.

June 27, 2021

Prof. Hanwoo Park
Founder and President
World Association of Triple-hElix โ€‹and Future studies (WATEF)


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