WATEF has three types of memberships: lifetime member, regular member and student member. Membership of WATEF is open to everyone, but subject to final approval by the WATEF board.

WATEF warmly welcomes members from outside of Korea and foreign residents of Korea to join WATEF. As is clear from this website, most conferences and seminars are conducted (almost) entirely in English. However the official working language of WATEF is Korean, including official board meetings, documents such as the association’s constitution, etc. so if you are not fluent in Korean and English, you may face some small restrictions. As WATEF’s international membership expands it hopes to transition to a dual Korean and English working language system.

Lifetime membership

Lifetime members make a one-off financial contribution to WATEF of 500,000 Korean won and enjoy full voting rights in the association, including the right to be appointed as a board member.

Regular membership

Similar to lifetime membership, but regular members pay annual membership dues of 50,000 Korean won.

Student membership

Student membership is only open to students of any recognized education institution for a nominal fee of 10,000 won. Other than paying a reduced fee, students enjoy the same membership privileges as regular members.

If you wish to join WATEF, please fill out the Membership Registration Form.

The membership fee can be transferred to Nonghyup Bank account number 301-0206-9393-21 (SWIFT/BIC code: NACFKRSE) in the name of the ‘World Association of Triple Helix and Future Strategy Studies (WATEF)’. Kindly retain a record of any transfers to WATEF for your future reference.