The World Association of Triple Helix and Future Strategy Studies (WATEF) is a scholarly association that aims to initiate and develop academic research, industry practice, and policy programs that adopt Triple Helix (TH) and Webometrics, Scientometrics, Informetrics, Datametrics, & Technometrics (WSIDT) approaches to conduct future strategy studies. Or, put another way, the association promotes evidence-based methodologies to analyse complex social interactions to understand social and technological change.

WATEF welcomes trans-disciplinary approaches that integrate TH and WSIDT approaches in a comprehensive manner. The background of its members ranges from policy and technology studies, business, communications, creative industries, sociology, information technology, tourism, etc. Although based in South Korea, WATEF welcomes research from and about all parts of the world.

WATEF’s flagship event is the annual Daegu-Gyeongbuk International Social network Conference (DISC), which usually takes place during the fall in Daegu, South Korea. In addition to this there are regular seminars, typically about 3-4 times per year and the occasional large conference for which WATEF acts as local host. In recent years WATEF has collaborated closely with the Social Media Research Foundation, the International Academy of Social Sciences, the Institute for Socio Technical Complex Systems and the Asian Political and International Studies Association.


WATEF’s activities are aimed at providing a rigorous methodological and conceptual basis for sound policy-making in both developed and developing countries.

It aims to be a World Association by encouraging learning from and with international scholars and professionals, by contributing to the global creation and sharing of knowledge, and by supporting the ongoing globalization of innovation systems.